Sunday, April 29, 2007

Spring Game

Like many Beaver fans on Saturday, I took a break from yard work to see how the 2007 Beavers will look. I can sum it up in one word: Defense.

The Defense won on Saturday, not the black team. There were more sacks than I could count. And the official number was low because the D was getting a lot of pressure on the QB. The defense scored once for the black team when Bryant Cornell stripped Lyle Moevao and ran 40 yards for the TD. There were a couple of other turnovers on the day as well. Our defense may be better than last season. It's early, but we are sooooo deep at every defensive position in the front 7 that I can't see the other teams moving the ball well or getting much time to throw.

The offense was very pedestrian. Polk had a huge run for a TD. And the QBs had some good passes. Gunderson engineered a TD drive and Moevao was quite good in the second half. Canfield did nothing memorable. But he looked good doing it :). The QBs were hampered because almost none of the top recievers were playing after the first couple of series. The best recievers were guys I'd never heard of and the tight ends. Overall, I think the offense will be OK. They may be practicing against one of the best defenses they'll see next year.

Other cool things about the game:

* Many Beaver fans walked away with their first sunburn of the year. It was a great day.

* I got my first live look at the new uniforms at the Beaver shops and saw a few on some fans. They look pretty good. I'll wait until I can get Bernard on the back of my orange 26 jersey :)

* What's up with Serna missing half his kicks in practice?

* I loved that they had the baseball game on the TVs. Mitch Canham delivered his 2 RBI double as everyone was filing out. Lots of cheering for that. Too bad they lost with that huge 2 out 3 run HR by Stanford. Exciting game. Not a great result.

Lastly, congrats to Sabby for getting picked in the 2nd round! He should feel at home in Tampa Bay!

And I can't wait to see that scoreboard!

Go Beavs!

Friday, April 27, 2007

OSU v. Stanford

FYI, if you have CSTV then you can watch the Beavs play the Cardinal tonight (Friday). It's channel 412 on digital cable (Comcast).

New Football Uniforms Unveiled

Today at lunch the OSU Athletic Dept. unveiled the new football jerseys. They will be available to purchase at the Spring Game tomorrow which is cool.

So what do you think?

I like the black look alot. I think they look good. Not too over the top but different enough. Cool.

You can buy them now here:

Beaver Fan Shop

Offical Announcement:

Football Uniforms Unveiled Friday/Spring Game Information - Official Site of Oregon State Athletics

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Spring Game next weekend, here's the info you need

The Beavs have a week left of spring practice so start making plans to see the Spring Game next weekend. It starts at 1pm on Saturday.

If you are going don't forget to print out this Spring Prospectus from the athletic department. It has all of the players both numerically and alphabetically listed as well as depth charts at the start of spring. Plus, it lists who we lost and general outlooks for each position. Good stuff

Get it here:

OSU Football Spring Prospectus

Get your game face on! I found this nice photo in Flickr from user "Ambulance" ->

It's fun to use the "clusters" functionality on Flickr to find photos like this. Beaver Cluster

On another note, it can't be good that the basketball team is making more news this spring than the football team. I'm starting to get a little concerned with all the turnover. I thought that Jones trying out for the NBA draft would be good, but I'm not sure all this change and flux is really good. I'll be amazed if next season is a turn around season at this point. But I'll reserve judgement until I see them play.

Friday, April 20, 2007

BIG Scoreboard

Checked out the construction lately?

That scoreboard is going to be huge!

VT Day of Rememberance

Monday, April 16, 2007

Oregon State soccer players are doing well at the next level

In the "where are the now?" category, the pipeline of OSU Men's Soccer players to the MLS is continuing. Robbie Findley is making an impressive start with the Galaxy and already has a goal. You can watch a video of the goal.

Check out more info at the Corvallis Soccer Blog that a buddy of mine has created:

Corvallis Soccer Blog: Findley and Fellow Beaver Alumns Making Waves

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Stadium Construction

I finally made it to a football practice last Friday and snuck into the stadium to get a field level view of the new end zone construction. It's coming along fast. It is going to be very cool to have that bowl-like feel to the stadium.

For the latest progress check out the web cam: Reser Stadium Construction Web Cam

There sure is a lot of news from the athletic department these days. New logo's (I didn't realize we invented a font, now that's actually pretty cool), new uniforms (April 27th new FB unis), and new basketball players.

I actually admire what Jay is doing. The team has a 2 year window with Giles and he doesn't want to waste any time on players who won't get us to the next level. I'm a little bummed about losing Silvar because I think he had potential to be a really nice backup PG. Washington is a bummer because I like the kid, but he needed to get an outside shot or else just play point. Really, I could take or leave any of them. I'm glad they were Beavers and hope they had a good time while they were here. Jay wants a more athletic team. I can't argue with that. Let's run, have fun and win some games.

Now just pray for no rain this weekend becuase I've got baseball tickets!

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Excellent College baseball podcast

Ooo. I just found this Baseball America podcast that talks about the top 25 college baseball teams. Guess what, the Beavers are prominently reviewed and talked about on it. A must listen for Beaver baseball fans. Press Room: Podcasts

Look for the College Podcasts table "Top 25 Talk".

They review Arizona's sweep of OSU and the implications.

On that sweep, the pitching really struggled last week. This team will still be good. But whether they will be great will hinge on the pitching. I'm VERY interested in how they come out against USC today. We must win this series.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

It's Official: OSU has new branding

We've seen the new "OS" logo on the baseball scoreboard and new uniforms for the baseball and softball teams. However, it appears that the new "OS" branding is going to be used for all sports.

OSU Announces New Brand Identity System - Official Site of Oregon State Athletics

Teams generally change uniforms every few years just to keep current. Especially when Nike provides the Uniforms. But this is probably the most drastic change that OSU has made since the change from happy Benny to evil Benny. I liked THAT change quite a bit.

I'm guessing this means:

* New uniforms for football next year. No clues yet as to what those will look like.

* Hoops will probably get a new look too.

* The football field is getting new endzone text.

* Maybe some changes to the court at Gill?

Is this a ploy to sell more Oregon State gear? Probably. The real question is, do you like it?

Personally, I don't like it yet. I'm not sure what it is. I think it's the lack of a "U". Or just the interlocking OS. I don't know, but I feel like going Simon Cowell on the thing. I like the "Oregon State" and the uniforms I've seen. But I don't really like the OS caps. It will grow on me I'm sure. And hey, what do I know about design.

At least they're keeping Evil Benny. I love that guy.

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