Sunday, October 19, 2008

A Look At The Stretch Run

OK, so the Beavers passed the trap game test. And we now have a road win. So where does that put us for the rest of the season?

This may be one of the hardest seasons to predict in Pac-10 history. I watched Arizona beat up on Cal in the second half of their game last night. Will the real Arizona please stand up? For that matter will the real ASU, Cal, and Oregon please stand up. Inconsistency is the only thing that is consistent about the upper tier teams this weekend.

OK, so we've gotten through the easiest stretch of our season and head into a bye before the stretch run.

What's next?

Arizona St.

Coming off of a bye week and it being in Corvallis, I think this is a winnable game. They are only averaging 334 ypg and 84 ypg on the ground. Of course, even with our experienced secondary we can still give up yards passing. Hopefully the bye week will help us figure things out. The defense gives up 143 ypg on the ground which can only help us. If we can pressure Rudy and run the ball, thus shortening the game, then we win.


Another road game and we seem to have a lot of trouble beating UCLA the last few years. They are the team we just can't seem to beat. This could be a tough game. They aren't great offensively, but seem to pull out crazy wins and keep things close. They will also have a bye before meeting us which is scary. However, if there's a year to beat UCLA on the road, this is it. If we're a good team, we should win this game.


This is a scary game. They also seem to beat us in Corvallis and are pretty good this year. They are beatable, but they have a lot of talent on that field. Can we do it? Yes. Will we do it? I don't know. They give up 109 ypg on the ground so Lyle and James will need to be on this game. This game will determine whether we have a shot at a good bowl berth or not.


On the road. Great defense. Scary. Its a game we could win but unless Tuitama gets hurt, it may be anther Utah type game. Very tough and they will be up for us. Too tough to call, but the game scares me.


Can they throw? If not, they will be in trouble. Its still too early to call, but its looking to be a classic as both teams will be good again. Man, I want 3 in a row.

Our chances are good, but this is a tough road ahead. This could be special!

Go Beavs

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Husky Game - Review Of The 2007 Debacle

It took a while to shake the Husky bug for us Beavers. Even in our greatest season (2001) we lost to the Huskies. It wasn't until Alexis Serna came along that we really started to beat UW. Now we're on a 4 game win streak.

So can we bring back Serna? How about a look-alike from the soccer team? Probably don't need him this year.

The only reason this game remotely gives me pause is:

A) Its a road game

B) The Huskies have been wanting to get us back for last year

C) They may just get pumped up enough to start out fast

Can we make sure we don't get those refs from last year?

Here's a few videos from last year to get you pumped up for the game:

Lyle's block:


Why they're pissed

Looking again at that hit, it really wasn't bad. He was just trying to wrap Locker up and Jake put his helmet down into a dangerous position. Jake was the one leading with the helmet.

Hopefully nobody gets hurt and was take control quickly so that the game doesn't get out of control.

Go Beavs!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Game Day! Wazzu meets Beavers as 30 point dogs

It feels like its been forever since the Beavers have had a game. All I want to see today is the same determination that we've had the last three weeks along with better execution. Just keep getting better and make a statement like we did against Hawaii. Don't give them a chance.

That's it. Execute, play hard, and a couple of big plays.

Go Beavs!

Friday, October 03, 2008

Utah Shocks OSU, Special Teams Still a Problem

Skocked. I can't believe we lost that game. It felt exactly like a midseason game of the last two years where we take a few shots and come out victorious in the end. Well, maybe Alexsis Serna was the reason for that.

The kicking game hurt us bad in that game. Missing an extra point is almost unforgivable. And that sent us on a spiral of 2-point tries that were unsuccessful (which by the way I hope we never do again.). There could have been redemption by hitting a 42 yard field goal in the second half (almost automatic for Serna), but nope.

I think the coaches have to take a little blame on this one. Going for two twice was not necessary. In fact, make one of those extra points and we're up by one and they might have onsides kicked or at least we would have had the opportunity to run the clock out with one first down. Also, the final drive clock management was poor. Just get to OT. Why give them enough time to drive down and get a FG? Especially when you know our punter isn't going to rip off a 60 yard punt. I mean, we were on the 20! Are we going to drive 80 yards (or 60 for a FG) on that defense in 90 seconds?

And to the Ute fans who rushed the field, get over yourselves. You narrowly missed being upset on national TV. You're #15, you should win games at home against unranked opponents. Just because you beat the team that beat USC doesn't mean you beat USC. That might be the worst reason to rush the field in college fooball history. Way to go Ute fans, you proved you're not one of the "big boys". In big boy football we only rush the field when we beat someone in the top 10 in the nation (and we're not in the top 10).

I can't believe we lost that game.

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Jake Locker Wants To Play Defense and OSU v. Utah

This from the train wreck that Husky football is becoming:

’It is possible’ Locker could find himself in a new role for Huskies - The Tacoma News-Tribune

However, Locker might be able to return more quickly as a safety, linebacker or tailback, and UW football coach Tyrone Willingham did not rule that out Monday. “It is possible,” Willingham said. “I couldn’t tell you where right now, but I think I said, and others have said, that he is a tremendous athlete with the ability to play five, six, seven positions.”
If Coach Willingham plays his best player on defense, he is crazy. In fact, even if he's not fired immediately (and its pretty clear that he's probably gone after this season) will he have any chance of being hired elsewhere?

I say no.

This isn't 1960 when people played both ways full time. This is 2008 where Jake Locker is not only an NFL prospect, but an MLB prospect. He stands to lose his future livelyhood if he gets unlucky and say injures a shoulder, elbow or rotator cuff by doing something as simple as making a tackle.

Don't do it Ty. Its a career killer.

Oregon State at Utah. Most prognosticators are calling a Utah win. The line is Utah to win by 10-12. All of that is good for the Beavers. We will not overlook Utah. Rather than over-confidence from a big win all we will get is confidence.

Does that mean we win? I don't know but I think our chances are good. Its going to be a battle. If we can continue the strong defense and not succumb to the inevitable trick play, then we should be able to keep it close. Brian Johnson is a little proned to interceptions. That would be big if we could get an INT or two.

I can't wait for this game!

Go Beavs!

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