Sunday, November 23, 2008

Beavs Beat Arizona, Thousands of Beaver Fans Pass Out

Holy crap.

There was one point that I thought we were going to win. After we fly sweeped to out first TD after the half. I thought, "here we go". Unfortunately, Arizona didn't cooperate. Frankly, I had no idea how we would pull that game out with our second string at two key skill positions. But we did. That was a program win if I ever saw one. No Lyle? We can still win. No Quizz? We can still win. Banged up D-Line? We can still win.

Was that the best snatch victory from the jaws of defeat win or what! Wow!

Watching the twitter search, I love some of these comments:

markpimentel: beavers win in arizona. one more win to go, and we're headed to pasadena. you can expect me to be there!

tixrus: @chriscoyier Go Beavers! Unbelievable finish to the game. Can you say redemption?

mattlindell: OSU Beavers - all that stand in our way to the Rose Bowl now is a bunch of measly waterfowl.

Orbgiberson: Oregon State pulled it off with 0 time left... one more game and USC is nocked out of the Rose Bowl by THE BEAVERS! WAHOOOO

jamiesvibe: I have never been happier in all my life. GO BEAVERS!

flatchicken: Holy. Sweet. Mother. Beavers. Win. With. 4 sec. Remaining. Rose bowl hopes still alive.

Looking at the numbers after this one, a few things stand out...

* Defensively, we slowed down their passing game:
Willie Tuitama, 16/22, 158 YDS, 1 TD
Rob Gronkowski 3 REC, 50 YDS
Mike Thomas 6 REC, 50 YDS

Gronkowski wasn't much of a factor catching the ball. The TD was big, but he didn't kill us like I thought he might. Mike Thomas made some big catches. And Willie made some huge throws. They really threaded the needle on some of those passes. But no long passes which really helped. And no big returns for Thomas.

Unfortunately, their running game got rolling and they kept us off balance with their fly sweeps and pitches. That needs to get better by the Oregon game.

* Offensively, we still figured out a way to run the ball without Quizz:
Ryan McCants 15 CAR, 52 YDS
James Rodgers 10 CAR, 102 YDS
TEAM 33 CAR, 166 YDS

Jeremy Francis 7 REC, 61 YDS

I was having flashbacks to 2007 with Francis looking like Yvenson Bernard out of the backfield catching balls and James running the fly sweep to perfection. Ryan McCants is a big dude and ran very hard especially in the second half. He is going to be a good RB for the Beavers the next 3+ years. 166 yards is great. We weren't as consistent as we would have been with Quizz, but it got done and that is all that matters. I really hope I see Ryan break a big run against the Ducks. I know he can.

* How about the "just enough" passing game. Sammie was the star last night!
Sammie Stroughter 5 REC, 116 YDS, 1 TD
Sean Canfield 20/32, 224 TDS, 47 LONG, 1 TD

Sammie stepped up and showed why he is the man! I love these Beavers. Sean put together another solid performance and I'm am so glad we have 2 good QBs. That 47 yard pass to Sammie was money.

``The comeback was big,'' Canfield said. ``We knew what we had to do and everyone chipped in and we never backed down.''
Amen to that.

Civil War week! Go Beavs!

Friday, November 21, 2008

The Beavs are playing themselves this weekend.

I watch the Duck v. Arizona game last weekend and I noticed that they seem very similar to the Beavs. Small running backs, good QB, decent recievers, and a tough D.

But it doesn't stop there. Check out these numbers:

Total Yards
ORST 423.6 / 29th
ARIZ 427.9 / 28th

Passing Yards
ORST 251.6 / 35th
ARIZ 255.5 / 30th

Rushing Yards
ORST 172.0 / 42nd
ARIZ 172.4 / 41st

Points Scored
ORST 33.7 / 24th
ARIZ 39.7 / 11th

And we have the exact same number of offensive first downs.

Hmm. Super even match up. Hopefully we can overcome the home field advantage!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Surprise! Oregon Changes Their Uniforms (again)

I guess at this point its not surprising that the Ducks would change their uniforms yet again.

Hmmm. Even more black. Maybe they're trying to get some late season mojo from the Black & Orange.

Oops. My bad. Got confused by the black. Boy, they do look a lot like the Beavers uniforms, huh.

They even have a new black flag.

I'm watching the Duck/Arizona replay and when I saw those feathers on their shoulders I was REALLY hoping that when they turned around they would have some feathers on their ass. Tailfeathers would be hilarious. Really, other than the feathers, the uniforms are pretty plain. I'm good with plain, but the Oregon color guy just said they look like they could have got them at K-mart(!). Of course, that was after he just got done saying Terence Scott is one of the best receivers in the Pac-10, so I took it with a grain of salt.

Maybe the Beavs should roll out some armored tails or buck teeth on their helmets.

Are the students doing a "blackout"? Really? Wow. Deep down somewhere, I think Phil Knight is a Beaver and he's just f-ing with the Duck fans. At this rate the Ducks will be having Orange highlights in their uniforms by spring practice and an Orange out next November.

Beavs Beat Cal, Keep Dream Alive

Great game, great win.

The Beavs are finding ways to win through defense and now special teams. What an awesome kickoff return for James Rodgers. He was so fast that he was 20 yards ahead of everyone at the end! That kicker looked like he was standing still.

Great game Defense. Great game Quizz (again). Great game fans. We were loud. As loud or louder than USC. I love the new "hua!" at the end of the first down song. Man, the Civil War is gonna be crazy! I really hope we beat U of A so that game is for all the marbles!.

Couple of post-game thoughts:

* Johnny Hekker is growing up fast and looks like he's gonna be a good one.

* Moevao looked a bit rusty, but he looks like he can make the throws now and he should get his rhythm back soon.

* Sammy was huge! I loved the "Sam-my!" chant for each punt return.

* I knew Kevin Riley was screwed at the end after he threw the interception that didn't count (false start). But to get the exact same result on the net play? Whoa!

* Finally the fly sweep started working again. That was sweet.

* The blocking was huge! Especially loved those upfield blocks from receivers and running backs even.

* I taped and re-watched the game. I think that announcer said RB about 52 times.

Another HUGE game next week. I think there's going to be a lot of Beavs there. Come on Beavs!!!

Monday, November 10, 2008

UCLA Win Propels Beavers Into The Top 25

Beavers Fans, we're back in the top 25.

USAToday Top 25 Coaches Poll

AP Top 25

Harris Poll Top 25

That was a great win against UCLA even if the FSN feed kept pooping out all game. And we had radio only for the first quarter.

Props to the Defense again. Quizz was awesome. McCants ran well. Canfield threw well in the 2nd half. Great Win!

I don't think there's a QB controversy. Whoever is most healthy should play.

Cal is going to be tough. Especially defensively. They look pretty good on defense.

Monday, November 03, 2008

Arizona State Aftermath

Whew! That was a heart-stopper of a game.

Great job Canfield, Quizz, James, Kahut, Sammie, Morales, the O-Line, and the bend-but-don't-break defense.

Boy did ASU play the role of villain well. They were pumped and ready to play, that's for sure. Hate to say it, but they looked a bit like Miami of the Southwest.

I don't fault them. They needed to do something different after losing 5 straight and playing with a lot of emotion and swagger almost worked. They were taunting the Beavs as they ran out on to the field. They were dancing on the sidelines during timeouts. They were running across the field to the Beavers sideline. They acted a bit out of control and certainly brought back memories for me. Oh how far we have come.

How exactly is there no ejections when 15 or so players ran across the field to challenge the other team?

Back to the Beavs...

I think this game is huge because if we win big, we lose to UCLA. Now I think the guys will get grounded and realize that they could lose at any time and they really do have to take it one game at a time.

UCLA is net and if we could get that monkey off our back, that would be very big. Every game is big and every game is a battle from here on out. One game at a time.

Great win Beavs!

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Arizona St. Tonight!

Dennis is back (again). Will the Beaver fans boo or cheer?

The weather is looking mixed. It was really nice for the homecoming parade, but now its raining. Hopefully it won't be as bad as the Cal v. Oregon game is. Of course, that could actually help us a lot since we run the ball well and they don't.

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