Friday, November 30, 2007

Great Anti-Oregon Pics has a great collection of Civil War pictures from past to present:

The 111th Civil War - Anti-duck pictures -

Here's my favs:

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Some Civil War options...get your tickets now!

So I've done a bit of research. It looks like if you don't want to tailgate yourself, then the best and probably cheapest option is the Park and Ride. It's only $3 / person and has shuttle stops all over Eugene. Including downtown where you could get some grub and drinks before the game. Or just ride in and go to the Moshofsky Center for some beer and food.

UO Football Shuttle

Another couple of options include parking near the Albertson's on Coburg Rd and walking to Autzen. Or for some tailgating action hit the grass lot about 1/4 mile east of the stadium on Centennial Blvd.

Not sure about any specific Beaver tailgators. I know that there isn't an OSU Alumni one.


On another note, if you want to go to a Civil War in Autzen, this is the year! They are going on Craigslist in Portland and on eBay for really good prices. Go buy tickets and let's get as much Orange in Autzen as possible!

eBay Civil War Tickets

Craigslist Portland Civil War Tickets
- 284 sets of 2-4 tickets

Craigslist Eugene Civil War Tickets - 392 sets of 2-4 tickets

Craigslist Corvallis Civil War Tickets - 42 sets of 2-4 tickets


If you haven't seen this, then check out this great call from a ref last weekend:

We need to give the Ducks the business this weekend!

Go Beavers!

Monday, November 26, 2007

I'm going to my first Civil War at Autzen! Any suggestions?

It's Civil War Week!

This year is extra special for me. Not just because I have a new Beaver Fan who arrive a couple of weeks ago, but because I have tickets to the game! This will be my first football game at Autzen ever. And what a year to go. Ususally in odd years Beaver fans don't have much hope going into the Civil War game when its in Eugene. But this year is different. We are bidding to have our first Civil War winning streak since 1974!

Since it's my first time, I need to know where I can tailgate or drink/eat before the game that is reasonably Beaver friendly. There's no OSU Alumni Tailgator so I'm kind of at a loss. I'll check out Pure Orange as well, but if anyone has any suggestions from parking to pre-game to getting out of Eugene let me know!

As far as the game, I'll be updating with my thoughts. But the weekend couldn't have been much better. The Ducks getting shut out in LA and well, that's it. I really hope Yvenson can play in this game because that would really seal the deal for me.

As of today the weather for Saturday looks like it will be sunny and cold. That would be fine by me.

More as I get time throughout the week!

Go Beavers!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Beavers Blowout WSU

Wow. This is setting up nicely for the Civil War. And I think we may have a QB controversy again.

My favorite parts of the game were Rodgers, Sieverson, Polk, and Moevao all getting their first touchdowns as Beavers.


Thanksgiving will be a lot easier after this week if you have Ducks in the family!

Beat the Ducks! Beat the Ducks! Beat the Ducks!

Saturday, November 17, 2007


Its been an eventful week.

The Beavers got some great news. No, not that Oregon lost and Dixon won't be playing in the Civil War. Tom Hansen apologized for the lack of tact from Verle Sorgen and finally suspended the officials involved with the UW debacle. They show take a hit in the pocketbook because we would have had we lost.

On to today. Wazzu scares me. They pass very well and we have 2 DBs out for the first half of the game. Luckily Tim Clark is playing so well. They can't run the ball anyways, and their strength is our only real defensive weakness. We need to pin our ears back and get some sacks and hopefully turnovers.

Good news, the weather is rainy and not too cold. No snow. And we are probably more used to the rain than they are. That's great news.

Go Beavers!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Pac-10 "Officials" Are Led By An Idiot

Can you believe that the Pac-10 director of instant replay, Verle Sorgen, would actually say something like this: response to a question about the replay official being benched for the rest of the season: “It wasn’t that egregious. Unless you are an Oregon State fan.”
What the hell is that supposed to mean? Oh, I see, nobody in the Pac-10 office actually cares about getting calls right! And that's why the Pac-10 continually has the worst officiating in the Pac-10. It starts at the top and I can see that Verle is more interested in protecting "his boys" than his is about doing the right thing.

EVERY highlight show I saw after the game had the EXACT same comment about the play. "That's not a fumble." And that was with one, maybe two TV camera angles. And there was a ref standing 4 feet away! What the HELL was he thinking? Maybe the refs had been tailgating with some Husky boosters before the game and were a little sleepy. You can't blame them, it was a long game.

After the game I made the comment that if the Beavers lost that game the refs would have had to get out of there in a helicopter, because the alternative would have been an ambulance. The crowd wanted someone's head and was going to get it.

This was reiterated by Bob DeCarolis:

DeCarolis pushes buttons - Cliff Kirkpatrick Blog
“God forbid we lost that game. We would have riot on our hands,” De Carolis said. “It would have been like a soccer game at a third-world country. That’s how dangerous it was being at night, alcohol, and the frustration of the mismanagement of the game. That’s something the conference is not taking into account. You had to be there.”

I agree whole-heartedly. The crowd was rowdier than normal and ready to do something. Thank goodness we didn't have to find out what.

Tom Hansen and Verle Sorgen need to be fired. From TV contracts, to bowl agreements, and the officiating, the Pac-10 is the worst. And we have Tom and Verle to thank for that.

Go here if you agree:

Fire Tom Hansen

Monday, November 12, 2007

UW Debacle and More!

Well, I'm a little slower blogging than my normal the last few days because my wife and I had a baby on Friday night! It was a bit unexpected, but everyone is healthy and happy. Of course, that meant little computer access and time to blog.

I did get to see the game Saturday night. Tons of family were in town for the game anyways, so it actually worked out really well overall.

OSU 36* - UW 23. *Subject to temporary brain/eye/arm misfunction by the officials.

It's hard to know exactly what happened, but I don't like Ty Willingham anymore. The "rah rah" speech after Locker got hurt clearly incited his players to take cheap shots instead of just playing football. There were so many cheapshots after the ball was dead that I saw on the replays that I'm surprised that something didn't happen earlier. Also, I question his true motives for calling timeouts at the end of the half when we were clearly running out the time. Didn't he call a timeout after there was already some pushing and shoving? Which of course lead to more pushing and shoving and then the PF on Perry. Great coaching Ty. Oh, and nice grin after Dockery got kicked out of the game by the way. I lost a lot of respect for the UW players and coaches on Saturday.

That said, the worst offense all game happened by the officials. There were many problems with the officials including letting the UW players continue to start fights and only flagging the reaction. But then there was "The Play". Bernard's final (non-) TD. Aren't there two un-disputable rules that get beat into out brains:

1. The ground cannot cause a fumble.

2. As soon as the ball breaks the plane, its a TD.
Both happened on that play, yet the idiots in B/W on the field and in the replay booth somehow missed it. How can the replay "official" NOT replay that play?!? That's the single most crucial play to the entire game up to that point and you don't review the play? Come on, don't be afraid, take a long look at it. Look, if the QB sneak by Bonnell was a TD and reviewed, then that HAD to be reviewed. Bernard actually stretched into the endzone unlike Bonnell. It literally makes me sick. If we lost that game because of that then those "officals" may have had to be taken out of Reser by helicopter.

Mike Riley was pissed, and he has EVERY right to be. Those officials could have literally stole millions of dollars from him. That's his livelyhood. Sure, tell the public its OK. But, you make sure you call each and every official and get an explanation and explain to them that a call like that could cost him his job. Not right away, but in this day and age one loss and no bowl is huge. How do we find out the officials in Pac-10 games? Do they release that stuff? Because we need to boo them the next time they work at Reser.

I'll never get over this one.

Beat Wazzu!

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Blackout needs to change to Orange and Blackout

I know this issue has pretty much died down, but in light of our last home game coming up against UW I want to comment on the whole blackout thing.

I don't think the students should do it again this weekend. Its not clear that there is an effort being made in that direction, especially since the last home game wasn't a blackout.

First, I applaud the students for showing some school spirit and unifying for a game to show support for the football team. I think the intent was good and it worked. We won.

However, given the aftermath and the fact that people were offended I think its time to use this as a learning experience. For those who aren't clear on the aftermath look here, here, and here.

By continuing to "Black-out" Reser you are now inviting people who are racist to use the event as a forum. It will attract people who you don't want to be identified with.

Also, ignorance is not an excuse. I thought for a few seconds that maybe its a good thing that they didn't know about blackface. Or that they didn't think it was a problem. Well, those who don't learn from history are bound to repeat it. Iraq feels a little like Vietnam now doesn't it. Is ignorance a defense? No. We must learn from history and adjust so we don't continue to make the same mistakes.

Look I understand that it doesn't feel like racism because thats not your intent. Great, so prove it.

Next time organize a "Orange and Black-out" day. How cool would it be to have alternating colors? One section is orange and the next is black. That would rock! Boise State does it, why can't we? I don't think it's much harder than a black out and that shows some major school spirit and support for your school. That's your challenge for next year.

Go Beavers!

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Weekend Review

I'm not going to spend much time on the USC game other than to say that not having Yvenson made a much bigger impact than I thought it would. Not just in blocking the pass rush or running the ball, but in the play calling. No more short screen passes to keep the D honest. Less running plays called. And without a screen passing game or much of a running game, this year's team is screwed. The QBs just aren't at the level of where they can carry the game. And USC brought it.

The injuries are the biggest bummer of the game. Dorian Smith will be bad, but we have some depth there. The biggie will be the QB situation. It's official that Canfield is out. So now we will find out if the 2 QB system actually prepared us for this situation. I feel a little more confident about Moevao than I have in the past with backup QBs. But I still don't know whether he will turn it over or not. And I have yet to see his mythical "mobility". He looks like he's the same as Canfield except shorter and with a stranger delivery. So who knows.

We need a win against UW pretty bad. Lyle needs to get it done. No excuses!

Saturday, November 03, 2007

We are OS(U)

Everyone in Beaver Nation seems to feel good about this game. It's easy to see why. We have a nice 3 game winning streak going, USC has already been beaten at home this year by a team we beat, and USC has some injury issues going into this game. I like the fact that USC is very run heavy and that's what we defend the best. Plus, Booty may have problems throwing the ball and isn't nearly as mobile as Sanchez. So I feel good about this game too.

Here's what concerns me:

No revenge here for USC - Orange County Register
Game preview: The Trojans have too many other things to worry about against Oregon State.

DEFENSE: Edge: Oregon State
SPECIAL TEAMS: Edge: Oregon State
COACHING: Edge: Oregon State
OUTCOME: Oregon State, 23-21

You had to give them locker room material, huh? Sure, we might have the better defense, but don't tell them that! :)

Some interesting comments from the article:
Oregon State has gotten better results than the Trojans because the Beavers play a more aggressive style. They trust their players to make big plays, while USC plays soft, conservative schemes. As a result, the Beavers lead the nation in rushing defense and lead the Pac-10 in sacks by a wide margin. USC ranks last in the conference in sacks.

Ooo. I like the sound of that. After last week's barrage of blitzes and pressure, if we can give Canfield some time to throw, watch out. I don't know how the running game will play out, but I do know this: if we have less turnovers than USC we will have a great chance to win. Less pressure = less turnovers. Excellent.

So, yea, I feel great about this game too. Let's do this Beavers!

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