Thursday, May 27, 2010

Can the Beavers Baseball Team Make it Back To Postseason?

During the crazy mid-season losing streak the OSU Beavers Baseball team had I was sure that the Beavs were done for the postseason. Well, the have battled back. Luckily they had a good start to the season.

The question remains: Can they make the 64 team cut and make the postseason?

One thought is that if the Beavs don't get swept by Arizona this weekend, they're in.

Beavers have Ducks' number — It's one :: Portland Tribune

Both teams should be among the 64 teams named Sunday to participate in the NCAA Tournament.

Casey said the Beavers felt they had to win two of their last four games to get in. That sounds right. If they don’t get swept by Arizona — which is 32-20 and carries an RPI of 20 — the Beavers will be at 30 wins and should be in the postseason.

However, Aaron Fitt of Baseball America thinks the Beavs need to win 2 against Arizona to make it...

Mini Stock Report - Baseball America College Blog
Oregon State really helped itself with a 2-1 win vs. Oregon, but the Beavers still need to win their last series at home vs. Arizona.

How sweet would an Arizona sweep be?!

Come on Beavs!

Great video and photos here:

Oregon State 2, No. 21 Oregon 1: Beavers' bullpen slams door on Ducks at PGE Park -

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