Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Why the Beavers Won the Sun Bowl

Two out of three ain't bad. I didn't expect that low scoring of a game, but hey we'll take it. 3-0 is a crazy score. And frankly a bit of a bore. At least until the end when I was hoping the Beavs would hang on.

The defense stopped the run and forced them to pass. Then we proceeded to attack the QB until he submitted. The wind obviously was a factor early, but while Lyle got better, Stull didn't. And their receivers and O-line weren't really helping. I'm not sure Pitt has seen a defensive line like OSU's all year ;).

Stroughter stepped up and was really our only go to guy in the first half. Shane picked it up and did well too. Chris Johnson had a nice game as well. Once the wind died down a bit Lyle and the passing game really got going. Minus a sack or two and we would have kept more drives alive.

And hey, Jeremy Francis had a nice game in the second half and we ran well enough to gain some yards and change things up from the pass. Good for him. I glad he came back and I hope we see him next year. I hope McCants works on his vision in the off-season. That's the only thing holding him back.

I'm going to miss Slade Norris and Victor Butler. Definitely two of my favorite players the last couple of years. I hope we can get Kuli in or someone else to go with Ben Terry because we need that 4 man pass rush.

Beavs end up 9-4 and another great season under our belts. Now if we can finally start off strong next year, maybe we can make another run at the Rose Bowl!

Go Beavs!

Why the OSU Beavers Will Win the Sun Bowl

All signs point to the Beavers having a tough game against Pitt in the Sun Bowl. Since Quizz and James Rodgers aren't playing, who account for 50% of our offense, how can we get it done? Did the Beavs get exposed against Oregon?

Here's why the Beavers will win.

1. The Defense. The defense must be angry about the Duck game. They will want to prove they are better than they showed in that game. Plus, Pitt isn't the offense powerhouse that UO seemed to be in that game. And they don't play the spread.

If the Beavs can stop McCoy from running wild and force Pitt to throw, then I'm not sure Bill Stull can lead them to victory alone. Their receiving core is a mish-mash and Stull has thrown for under 200 yards passing in 4 of his games this season. He is not mobile so Butler and Norris can pin their ears back and come hard. And he has 9 interceptions to go with his 9 TDs.

2. QB/TE/RB play. The running game could be a struggle. But I think the bulliten board material from Pitt should give the O-Line extra motivation to open up holes.
However, I think that will mean more passes to tight ends and RBs on screen plays, seam routes, and swing routes. It might start to look like the Insight Bowl out there. And we have the TEs to do it.

If the offense can get ahead early and force the clock to become somewhat of a factor, then Pitt will have to throw. We can't shorten the game by running every other play like we could with Quizz. Generally, that's bad because it gives offenses more chances to score on us (Oregon, Penn St., Stanford). But I think in this case, I'm not sure Pitt can throw like all of those other teams. Its hard to come back when you're running the ball.

3. Sammy Stroughter. He's the last big star player left on the offense that isn't on the line or at QB. If he could return a punt or a long TD. That would help a ton. Maybe a fly sweep? Its his last game and he could go out on top if he has a great game.

If the defense and QBs are solid, I think we win. Ultimately, it will probably be the team who makes the fewest mistakes who wins. No missed tackles, bad penatlies, or turnovers. It will be a tough game, but I think Mike and the crew can game plan to win this thing. Plus, with James and Quizz out, Pitt won't really know what to game plan for defensively. The Beavs haven't played without either in 2 years. Hopefully, that can give some element of surprise and the Beavs can take advantage.

Go Beavs! Beat the Panthers!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Happy Holidays!

The Sun Bowl is fast approaching. I'll be posting about that soon, but I just wanted to get out a Happy Holidays to everyone!

Just think happy thoughts (like a USC win)!

Cliff K the Videographer

I'm probably preaching to the choir here, but Cliff rocks for content. He's been posting game clips and postgame interview videos on his blogs about the basketball team lately (Howard, Seattle Pacific, and Nebraska). Since I haven't been to the games, its been great to watch the guys talk unfiltered about each win. Plus, we got some highlights in the Nebraska game. Cliff, you rock!

Check out all his other good stuff at his blog:

Monday, December 01, 2008

The Civil War: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Well, that sucked.

I seriously thought we could pull it out with just one defensive stop or the ball bouncing our way once or twice in the 4th quarter. It didn't. We lost. They basically played a perfect game.

I know the game wouldn't have gotten so out of hand if we had Quizz because we would have run the clock down a ton in both halves. Maybe stay in it long enough to pull it out. Without a running game we played right into their hands. Before the game I knew that if the game was a shootout, the we would lose. For us to win it needed to be about 28-24.

I could complain about bad calls or bad bounces, but it probably wouldn't have changed too much. We needed to get ahead early and force them to throw to catch up. Oh well. Next year we get the bye before the Civil War.

The Good:

Not sure what to say here. I guess the fact that we kept scoring and keeping it just close enough to have a slim chance at the end.

The Bad:

The turnovers killed us. 2 TDs off of interceptions. A lost fumble on the 10 yard line. And not getting the interceptions or fumble recoveries when we had a chance.

The Ugly:

The defense. To many big plays. Every other drive ended in a 70 yard run it seemed like.

Final Note:

In the future, lets keep the Civil War civil please. I brought my brother-in-law to the game and he happens to be a Duck fan. Coming back after halftime he was subjected to some comments that were out of line. Questioning his sexuality and using a racial slur is just ridiculous. It made me embarrassed for Beaver Nation. Now I know its the 1% of wackos that every team has and it was probably a couple of drunk students. But that is NEVER called for. And shouldn't be accepted. Lets make it 0% next year OK?


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