Friday, September 29, 2006

Make some noise!!!!

This is a make or break game for the Beavs and if Reser isn't loud, then I don't want to hear any complaining about the player's performance. We need to leave everything on the field this weekend and be LOUD!

Here is DL Curtis Coker's take on the fans: Coker: We need the fans!

"'I don't ever really get to hear the crowd noise when I'm playing because I try to block it out,'' he said. 'But here's a challenge to the fans. We need a 12th man on defense. It's disheartening as a player when I hear the student section (being) mediocre and the other side of Reser is just kinda quiet. ... Boise State's 29,000 (actually, it's more than that) sounds like LSU's 90,000! I mean, I'm sitting there trying to talk to my coach at Boise State and as soon as the (scoreboard prompt) for NOISE pops on, I can't hear what he's saying. Here (at Reser) I can talk for days while everybody's yelling because it's not that loud.

'It CAN get loud here, and that's what I want. Soon as you see that 'Make Noise'' thing pop up on the screen, make some noise, because that means (the home team) needs it. Oh yeah, you feed off it. It helps disrupt their offense. It helps a lot.''

So a little reminder to Beaver Nation. ... when Cal has the ball, and QB Nate Longshore is trying to bark signals, turn it up, will you? ... don't make the players climb into the student section in the fourth quarter. ... 'I don't ever really get to hear the crowd noise when I'm playing because I try to block it out,'' he said. 'But here's a challenge to the fans. We need a 12th man on defense. It's disheartening as a player when I hear the student section (being) mediocre and the other side of Reser is just kinda quiet. ... Boise State's 29,000 (actually, it's more than that) sounds like LSU's 90,000! I mean, I'm sitting there trying to talk to my coach at Boise State and as soon as the (scoreboard prompt) for NOISE pops on, I can't hear what he's saying. Here (at Reser) I can talk for days while everybody"

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Cal Game

I don't have time to do a full analysis tonight but I will give a few thoughts from Cal and what they have done so far.

* They're averaging 2 int's per game. Even without their starting safety they have a dangerous secondary. Hughes has 5 ints alone. Don't throw it near him.

* They're schedule looks tough, but they've had 3 straight home games. This will be the first game on the road for them since Tennesee.

* Cal game up quite a few yards rushing to ASU and are allowing 164 ypg total. After what OSU did to them last season either they will key on the run and force the Beavers to pass, or the Beavs will run over Cal again.

* Their defense has 10 sacks in 4 games and 18 tackles for loss.

* The Bears are passing much better at 287 ypg and only 4 ints total (3 from Nate Longshore). Last year they couldn't pass to save their lives.

* The running attack is less a two-headed attack this year with Marshawn Lynch taking over and averaging 112 ypg. Justin Forsett is not performing quite as well as last year.

This will be a huge test for the Beavs. They need their best performance of the year this weekend.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

New AD Report and a key Measure on the ballot for OSU

Bob has posted a new AD report with some great news about the Phase 2 Reser expansion.

A.D. Report Update -- Sept. 27. -

"The Reser upgrade will extend the south end zone by wrapping it from the east side—which was completed in phase one—to the west side of the stadium. A significantly improved display system, which will dramatically enhance our fan experience at Reser, is another key element of this upgrade. The new ProStar Digital VideoPlus Display will boast the largest display area in the Pac-10, measuring an estimated 80 feet wide by nearly 30 feet high. The new video area will be five times larger than the current display.


When all the plans played out, it became clear that moving the weight room and delaying the locker room project was best, and this new approach nets us 2,800 additional seats in Reser as opposed to the 800 additional seats in our original plan. After this second phase of Reser is completed, its new capacity will be 46,200 seats.
Wow. So maybe we're not getting the Zillatron like Texas, but a bigger screen would be sweet!

Of course much of this depends of the outcome of Measure 48. Here's a Barometer article that details what Measure 48 is all about:

Proposed measure puts a hold on OSU construction - News

"Under [Measure 48], when you choose to spend money on one thing that means you are also choosing not to spend money on something else, even if you have the money available," said Jock Mills, the university's director of government relations. "So if we choose to invest state funds to pay off the debt on a building, the spending limit forces us to choose to educate fewer students."

Colorado passed a similar measure in 1992 hoping to solve increasing state budget deficits. Instead, citizens recently voted to suspend the law for five years, ending what many call effects that have crippled the state's higher education system.


The second phase of Reser Stadium was not scheduled to begin until after the current 2006 season and it is possible that the expansion will not be affected if Measure 48 fails. If passed however, the stadium will also be on hold. The athletic department, through spokesman Steve Fenk, declined comment.

So that means a NO vote on 48 by me.

Read up, get informed and no matter what your opinion get out and vote.

Go Beavs!

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Game Thoughts

Here's a few thoughts from the game on Saturday.

* People booed Idaho when they came out. I expected a fair amount of cheering because of Dennis. There were quite a few people that clapped a bit and maybe just didn't do anything.

* Kyle Loomis looked like the punter we thought we were getting. He was good.

* The defense was better. More pressure, better coverage, and better gap coverage. There were only about 3 plays that were over about 12 yards by Idaho and a shut out is a shut out. They clearly played better. Idaho only shot themselves in the foot a few times and generally didn't get anything going all game.

* The offense seems like it should be better. The running game and passing game is so good at times and then so bad. Very streaky. With the passing game everybody likes to put that at Matt Moore's feet and I'm not sure I can disagree (although there was some bad dropped passes). However, what's the deal with the running game? How can it be really good for two series, then bad for 3? I don't get it.

* What happened to getting Polk in the game for 10 - 12 carries? I'm not sure he or Canfield have gotten in when the game matters yet this season. Maybe vs. EWU. I think Polk would be a great change of pace and might help keep the running game going when they have a bad series.

* The Oregonian was a little harsh. And boy the really like to beat a story dead don't they. How does the Oklahoma game get almost 2 pages of coverage a week later. I'm surprised they didn't recap the Boise St. game 2 weeks later.

On to Cal. They were very good in their win over ASU. It's gonna be a huge win if the Beavs can pull it off. I think most fans would settle for a close game and some major improvement over the BSU game.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Oregon State vs. Idaho Preview

If you're like me then you know two things about the Idaho Vandals: they are coached by Dennis Erickson and they gave Michigan St. a scare in the first game of the season. After that nothing. The press sure hasn't given us much but re-hashing the Boise St. and the implications of Dennis coming back to Corvallis.

If you want to think about Dennis then think about the good times (see Brooks Hatch blog) and the come back to the present. Because we need a winning season this season.

On to Idaho.

If they take on the character of other Erickson teams, then there will be a lot of deep passes to take a shot at the OSU secondary. And the defense will probably blitz quite a bit to make up for any athletic shortcomings.


The offense isn't stellar, but decent. They rush for about 119 ypg and pass for 213 ypg.

Their running back, Soph Jayson Bird, looks fairly average but does have a ton of experience as he's played every game since his freshman season (got a redshirt last year after getting hurt). Looks like they have a few decent backups that provide a good change of pace.

The passing game is led by Senior Steve Wichman who is in his second year of starting at QB. He passed for 2700 yards last season with 15 passing TDs. However, it looks like he is prone to interceptions with 18 last season and 3 this year already (only one passing TD).

Doesn't look too threatening. The only thing they have done better than average is avoid sacks. Only 3 allowed all season. Overall, we had better keep them under wraps. Considering they haven't scored more than 17 points against anyone good yet means we should hold them to less than 17 offensive points. We should pull an E. Washington type performance against this team.


From what I hear their defensive line is a strength on this defense, but they only have 1 sack so far. They have a fair bit of TFL (tackles for loss). Beyond that, there are not a lot of clues as to what they do well. They give up almost 500 ypg and 36 ppg. Granted they got blown out by WSU, but still that's a lot of yards.

They could cause problems at times, but I fully expect the Beavers to get after it and start showing off the type of offense they did against E. Washington. I'm particularly interested in the passing game. We need to get that rolling again in preparation for Cal.


Beavs win 41 - 10. But that's not the real story. Everyone will really be watching two things: how do the Beavers respond after the BSU game and how does the team look heading into the Pac-10 schedule. It's really almost like EWU all over again.

Sammy Stroughter is the best punt returner in the nation

...Through 2 games :). He has a 31.4 average which leads the nation. Plus, if he returns another for a touchdown this game then he will tie the NCAA Division I record for consecutive games with a punt-return touchdown.

Pretty cool.

Go Sammy! (BTW, I love the fact that our KO and punt return games are finally coming around and being a legitmate threat)

Monday, September 18, 2006

Games over the weekend

Sometimes it's nice just to get a weekend to size up the competition. That Duck game was crazy. They were lucky and good at the same time. Just a crazy game.

The uproar over the refs is here:
Lucky Ducks: Sooners get hosed by officials -

FWIW, the Sooners got screwed.

The other shocker was UW beating Fresno St. at home. That surprised me a bit. I don't think it proves much except that the Huskies are dangerous. However, they can still implode just like they have been in the last few years. One win does not a season make.

Nonetheless, the Husky fans are getting excited. And one writer thinks they have a good shot at a bowl game. That's probably true. I tought it was interesting how he couched the Beavs. After one loss, somehow the Beavers are in the class of Stanford and Arizona.

Bowl game within reach - The Daily Herald

Washington State has been inconsistent everywhere and Arizona, Oregon State and especially Stanford have just not been good.


In fact, it's possible the Huskies could be favored against the Beavers and Cardinal.

Wow. I guess the blowout win vs. E. Washington means nothing and the blowout loss to Boise St. means we're terrible. OK. I'm still on a wait and see approach to this season. But I don't see how you can make an assumption like that after OSU has played a grand total of 2 games.

Anyways, I hope the Huskies don't make a bowl game because that is one thing we don't need around here: powerful Husky and Duck teams.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Tribune interview with Dennis Erickson

This interview with Dennis Erickson has an interesting quote defending Mike Riley.

Erickson, Vandals face uphill battle

Erickson bristles at criticism of his successor.

“That’s ridiculous,” Erickson says. “The Internet has screwed everything up. Mike is doing a great job with that program, for criminy sakes. Give me a break. He’s a good coach and has a good staff, and they’re recruiting well. Those things happen. As a coach, you’d like to be able to control that, but it happens.

“They are going to win a lot of games. It’s a good thing sometimes that fans don’t make (coaching) decisions.”


Erickson admits he has sneaked a thought or two about his impending visit to Corvallis, where he remains a popular figure for his stellar work as the Beavers’ coach from 1999 to 2002.

“I was back last year for the Portland State game,” he says. “The renovated stadium is so cool – it makes me proud of my time there. But to be on the other sideline, that will be very emotional for me.”
Idaho lost big to Wazzu and I think we all breathed a little sigh of relief.

The internet is a very different animal. I think the coaches and athletic departments need to address it almost as much as recruiting. I think they need to have more openness in the athletic department. Maybe get a player and coach blogging. Maybe allow for some comments and then respond to the comments. Why let things hash out on the Boards? Control it a bit by responding to some of these questions. Have a weekly chat with Head Coach Mike Riley. Make him available.

The thing I like about Mike Riley is that he doesn't get defensive when people ask tough questions and I really like when he gets into the football strategy and explains some of the game nuances to us laymans. I think he could really win over some fans and show off his knowledge by just connecting a bit with the fans and let them ask tough questions and answer them with his knowledge. Lets get into what coaching is really like and why they make some of the decisions that they do.

I think the athletic dept. or coach that recognizes the power of the internet will go a long way towards keeping the fans happy through the tough times and end up helping with ticket sales, fundraising, and possibly recruiting.

What do you think?

Monday, September 11, 2006

OSU Hoops gets a big man

In a couple of years the Beavs will have another international big man to roam the court. Ilija Milutinovic, 6-foot-10, 240-pounds, has announced he will play basketball for Oregon State. I don't know too much about him except he sounds a lot like Cuic, except will be younger when he comes in.

Plus, he has the best quote from an incoming recruit I've seen in a while:

Milutinovic reaffirms decision to play for OSU

'I know they play in a good conference, they have good coaches, and I think it's the best place for me academically. And they wear orange. I like that.'

Nice. Hopefullly our international front line will turn out to be pretty solid in a couple years.

Friday, September 08, 2006

The Aftermath

Two things that caught my eye in the aftermath.

First, I agree with Brian Meehan in his column today. The Beavers rolled over and gave up. I think they get too emotional and don't have enough confidence in themselves to respond when the going gets tough. That's what happens when you consistently get blown out on the road. I really wish our guy would stop trash talking before the game and hell during the game until they've done something. Don't give them anything to get fired up about! What's next, telling USC that they suck without Bush, White, and Leinhart BEFORE kickoff? Because a team that's won 95% of their games over the last 4 years is really going to be rattled by that (BSU). Come on! Be professional and do your talking with your play. Don't get in their face after one good play, get up and do it again and again and again. That shows them how good you are. Not your mouth.

The Beavs need to find some resilience for once or else it's going to be a long season.

Thursday, September 07, 2006


I'm tired of getting blown out on the road. Especially on national TV. And to Boise.

Two weeks to think about that.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Photos from Eastern Washington game

I finally got around to uploading the photos from last Thursday's win over EWU.

OSU vs. EWU Photo Set

Did anyone else notice that the music was much louder this game. Sounds like they addressed the speakers in the new side in the off season. Also, didn't notice too many disco songs so I think they may have got it right. The fireworks were good even if we can't have a cannon boom.

Oregon State at Boise State

OSU takes on Boise State Thursday night and hopes to erase the memory of an ambush in 2004. The Beavers had a rough time of it back then having playing LSU in a highly emotional OT loss and getting back late from Louisiana. That left them little time to recover and prepare for BSU and it showed. They lost 53-35.

This year the Beavers feel like the Broncos are one of the tougher teams on their schedule. The game prepares them for the intensity required for Pac-10 play.

The Broncos have a new head coach, Chris Peterson, who has been the offensive coordinator the last few years. Not too much will change on the football field as he knows all the players and the offense very well. The defensive coordinator is new so there may be a few new wrinkles on D.


The key returning starter is the QB, Jared Zabransky. He will be a senior QB and has started for two years already. Jared is dangerous because he can run and really keep a defense off balance. His passing ability is good enough and the Broncos offense does a lot of pass plays that are tough to defend such as inside passes where the other receivers almost screen for the underneath receiver. We saw some of that versus EWU so we need to be much better defending that. Also, we need to stay at home and really contain BSU or else Zabransky will run wild on any pass play that we defend well.

The running game looked very good against Sacramento State last week. Starting RB Ian Johnson had 90 yards on only 13 carries. So that dimension is there and needs to be held in check. While it seems like BSU passes alot, really they get much of their yardage on the ground averaging over 200 ypg last season

The receivers look good with senior Drisan James leading the way. Dristan is on some award watch lists for 2006.

This game will give Beaver fans an idea if the defense is better or worse than last year.


Senior LBs Korey Hall and Colt Brooks are the linchpins for this defense. They lead the defense and keep everything in check. Colt Brooks had an interception against Sac State and they combined for 14 tackles and 2 TFL. Hall lead the team in tackles last season with 106. Brooks is the sack man with a team leading 6 sacks last season. The Beavs will have to watch out for LB blitzes.

The defense was pretty good against the run last year allowing just over 100 ypg. They did allow about 260 ypg in the air.

The Beavers will be tested running against this defense. They will try to force the Beavers to pass and hope the Matt Moore from last year against Arizona shows up. If the Beavers can run against the Broncos then they should be able to control the clock and keep the ball out of the hands of their offense. Otherwise Matt Moore will need to prove that he has improved and can lead the team to victory like last years game against BSU.

My thoughts

I think the Beavers will run the ball and throw well enough to score a lot of points. I'm not sure about the defense, but I like our chances against any team that is run heavy and only average passing. I think we will go into Boise with rest, preparation, and a chip on our shoulder from the last game. Oh, and the fact that most Boise St. fans, bloggers, and beat writers continually try to belittle the Beavers and pretty much write them off.

I'm actually tired of the Boise St. attitude. They think they are USC already. Or maybe Texas. The brash, cocky attitude definitely makes me want the Beavs to kick their ass for once. It started with the beat writer calling the Beavers a AAA team. Then moves to score predictions of BSU 44 - OSU 21. The last straw was this:
Beavers will be embarrassed. We definitely get NO respect in Idaho. Oh right, they did beat us that one time. After losing to LSU 5 days earlier in OT. And having flight delays that got us in late the next day.

Good lord I want the Beavs to kick some Bronco butt tomorrow night. So bad that I think the players feel it too. I think they still want redemption. Sabby and Ev know how it felt. AWB was there. They will tell the story of a cocky team that needs to be smacked.

Beavs win 50 - 30. Payback time.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Could Boise State be overconfident?

I've been paying some attention to articles and bloggers out of Idaho and elsewhere and I've noticed that they seem to mainly think that they will win quite easily.  One score prediction was 44-21.  That seems to be the general thought in Bronco-land.  While I think that is certainly a possibility after 2004, but I feel like it should be much closer than that.  The Beavers are simply better prepared this time around.

Here's my question:

Could the Broncos suffer from overconfidence?  If the fans all feel like they will win and win big, what are the players thinking?  Does they think they will take down Oregon State with no problem?

If this is the case, then Boise State may find themselves on the losing end of the game come Thursday night.

Links about the Oregon State game at Boise State

Dont expect many changes at Boise State under Petersen - Gazette-Times

Punting game big concern

Beavers face tougher task this week -

Riley Meets The Press -

Coach's Corner - 'It's a tough place to play' -

Chadd's Blog - The Idaho Statesman

Zag's Frags.. Week 2
This guy predicts Broncos 44, Beavers 21.


Quick Outs: Week 1

After missing all of 2005 with a freak injury, Oregon State's Joe Newton wasted no time showing why he's one of the nation's most dangerous pass-catching tight ends. The hulking senior picked up where he left off in 2004, pulling down five balls for 56 yards and two touchdowns. His presence will do wonders for sporadic QB Matt Moore, which will propel the Beavers back to the post-season.

Monday, September 04, 2006

Hass cut from Saints, catches on with Chicago on practice squad

In a surprise move, the Saints cut Oregon State WR Mike Hass over the weekend. He performed well in preseason camp and looked like a lock to make the team. However, he hasn't played in the last few exhibition games leading most Beaver fans to wonder whats going on. Seems like he didn't quite get a fair shake in the whole thing. But maybe this will contribute to the Mike Hass saga.

Hass Cut From Saints - Building The Dam

Lions make a surprising catch - The Oregonian

Meanwhile, Hass, a star receiver at Oregon State and winner of the 2005 Biletnikoff award honoring the nation's best receiver, was cut by the New Orleans Saints, but his agent said he signed with Chicago to join the practice squad.


The 6-1, 209-pound Hass had four receptions for 33 yards in four preseason games. He had three catches for 33 yards in the Saints' first exhibition against Tennessee, but didn't see much action in the next two games before catching one pass for five yards against Kansas City in the preseason finale.

"Things didn't go very well for Mike in New Orleans," said Scott Smith, Hass' agent. "They didn't give him much of a chance to show what he could do."

Smith said Hass signed a deal with the Bears on Sunday and was expected to arrive in Chicago later that night.

"The Saints wanted to sign him to the practice squad, but we identfied Chicago as the best opportunity for Mike," Smith said. "They need a guy like Mike. A guy who runs great routes and has great hands."
Good luck Mike. Hopefully this is a better situation and you can work your way in to some playing time.

Friday, September 01, 2006

The Idaho Statesman gives Beavers some bulliten board material?

Looking ahead to Boise St. it looks like they aren't taking OSU very seriously. They expect a win. Should be a really good game. Both teams have a chip on their shoulder. BSU for last year and OSU for the debacle two years ago.

Here's an article out of Idaho looking ahead to the Beavers.

BSU Football - The Idaho Statesman - Always Idaho: "If the Hornets provided rookie-ball competition, Oregon State is more like Class AAA."

Really. Interesting. I hope the Beavs take that to heart and show the Broncos what Pac-10 football is all about.

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