Monday, November 29, 2010

Civil War Week. Its Time To Rally Around The Team Beaver Believers!

OK Beaver Fans, the team needs you more than ever. You brought it for the USC game. There's nothing left but the biggest game every year:

The Civil War

The past is the past. Shake it off.

Time to rally around the team, players, coaches, and get rowdy for this game!

Despite the ups and downs, you gotta love these guys.  Maybe this will give you one more reason.  One of my Twitter/FB friends got a message from a Beaver player saying how much they appreciate the unconditional support they get from many fans:

"Want to know one of the reasons I love my Beavs even after yesterday? Well, I "tweet" alot during the games and late last night a starting player took the time to Direct Message me that he appreciates the support of real fans! He probably wanted to crawl in a hole but he took the time to reach out to the fans. That is... why I am a Life Long Beav!!"

Get pumped Beaver Nation and support your Beavs!



Saturday, November 20, 2010

The Beavers Drivers to Success

From watching the Mike Riley-coached teams the last few years there are a few things that seem to be predictors of how the teams will do from season to season.

1. Experience or poise at QB

2. Cornerbacks

3. Offensive line

Generally if the Beavs have one of these three things very strong, then they will be a bowl team. If they have two, then they're pretty good. Three and they will have a shot at the Rose Bowl.

This means that every 2-3 years we will be a work in progress at QB. So those will likely be down years.

When Canfield and Moevao we being broken in we were lucky because the defense was great and the running game had a wrinkle that couldn't be stopped called the Fly Sweep. 2 of 3 and we were pretty good.

The last two years the CBs have been experienced, we had two poised QBs, and the running game was strong. Rose Bowl shot.

This season? We may have 0 of 3.

The good news? Next year I think we will have 2 of 3. Katz will be experienced and better and I think the O-line will be a priority and be much better. The only question for me is how fast they can re-make the defense.


Monday, November 15, 2010

Where are all my #BeaverBelievers at?

Yes, the season has been tough. Yes, the schedule is brutal the rest of the way. And yes, the team is probably in the dumps as much as you were this weekend.

Now is the time for Beaver Nation to be adults and support these kids (yes, they are just kids)! We need to pick them up and let them know we are behind them 100% no matter what happens.

I want to see your support for the team in the comments and through the #BeaverBeliever hash tag on Twitter.

Come on Beaver fans, let's pick this team up and let them know we're behind them the rest of the way!


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