Monday, November 15, 2010

Where are all my #BeaverBelievers at?

Yes, the season has been tough. Yes, the schedule is brutal the rest of the way. And yes, the team is probably in the dumps as much as you were this weekend.

Now is the time for Beaver Nation to be adults and support these kids (yes, they are just kids)! We need to pick them up and let them know we are behind them 100% no matter what happens.

I want to see your support for the team in the comments and through the #BeaverBeliever hash tag on Twitter.

Come on Beaver fans, let's pick this team up and let them know we're behind them the rest of the way!



Steven Crader said...

And I suggest you go listen and download the ringtone "Beaver Beliver" at

Steven Crader said...

This should auto link the link

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