Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The Register-Guard Takes Cheap Shot

Does anyone know what Rob Moseley is talking about?

Avoiding spring breaks: The Register-Guard, Eugene, Ore.:

"And was anybody outside of Benton County surprised to read about late hits by Beaver defenders? The Ducks will try to avoid any of those in a Civil War road game on Nov. 29."

Is that a reference to the Alfalava hit in the Civil War? And Duck fans think that Beavers linger on things forever. Get over it!

How's that Belotti family doing? Oh, and when you've shackled the State of Oregon with the albatross known as your basketball arena, I hope the alumns can bail you out!

Frohnmeyer is retiring. Maybe the Phil and Kilkenny won't get a free pass anymore:

University of Oregon president will retire next year - Seattle P-I
"But faculty members do have concerns over the increasing prominence of athletics under Frohnmayer, Sayre said, especially because a large chunk of the $1 billion raised during his presidency has gone to athletics."

Monday, April 14, 2008

Spring Football - The Defense is still good

This is what every Beaver fan wanted to hear this spring:

Day 6 report (not exactly eyewitness account) - Behind The Beavers Beat

"Riley was hopeful that OSU had the depth, and enough fresh blood, to re-load on defense, where much of the front seven is gone, including all three LBs. ... QB Lyle Moevao told the scribes in attendance, 'it's just a bunch of new faces out there doing the same thing as last year.''"


Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Welcome Craig Robinson

The Beavers have a new basketball coach. After giving it a couple of days to simmer, I'm in the "wait and see" camp. I think its way too early to say he's in over his head like Tim said, but its also too early to praise this as a great hire. Like Ryan White, I have to say that I'm...interested.

There's a lot to digest with Coach Robinson.

* He's a total unknown on the West coast.
* He did a pretty impressive turn around at Brown. Granted...its Brown.
* He's been very successful outside of basketball in a very competitive business that involves strategy, selling, and long hours.
* He's related to Barack Obama.
* He's bringing in a system that can potentially help level the playing field and talent gap.
* He's a good, thoughful, and intelligent speaker

I think he could be a great hire. He's the type of guy who you want to succeed. He fits in well with Mike Riley, Pat Casey, LaVonda Wagner, and the other OSU coaches.

So, hey, I'll give the guy the benefit of the doubt. I don't buy anyone who says that Billy Grier or Bennett would have been better hires than Craig. I see him as an East Coast version of those guys. And when it got down to some unknown at IUPUI...ugh. Sure, I wanted Eustacy to get an interview but I can understand not compromising as well.

I say good hire for now and let's wait and see how this Princeton-esqe offense comes together.

Here's the NY Times article on coach Robinson: Coach With a Link to Obama Has Hope for Brown’s Future

I looked around for some video on Brown, but there wasn't much.

Here's some from what looks to be a Brown student... Brown University Bears Beastin!

There's more on the related videos area. Nothing spectacular.

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