Monday, September 06, 2010

The Beavers Running Game Isn't Dead Yet

Jaquizz Rodgers
While watching the TCU game I felt that the coaches should've run the ball more often because it seemed like we were getting good yardage.  I know mixing it up is good, but I like to see runs on 1st or 2nd down when he's rolling regardless.

A quick look at the drive charts in the second half showed:

3rd Q

4th Q

 Its not a big sample size, but I think we were wearing their defense down.  I think he would have excelled on that last drive and would have been key.  In fact, instead of a pass play I think the first play should have been run.  We had 4 minutes left so there was plenty of time.

Anyways, I think the running game will be fine.  The key is just getting Jaquizz the touches he needs to be successful and do his thing. 

Go Beavs!


Anonymous said...

Per Mike Riley, they were going to run a draw before the botched snap.

Jason said...

I'd say that's a good thing.

It was a learning experience all around. Probably better to get that out of the way now than during the Pac-10 season.

On to Louisville!

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