Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Quick Thoughts On Louisville - Game Replays Available To Watch On ESPN3

Thanks to ESPN3 you can do some scouting of Louisville for the upcoming game this weekend. I've watched a quarter or two and was pretty unimpressed.

Some things I've gleaned:

* The quarterback likes to run and is pretty good doing it. Their offense is reminiscent of TCUs from the little I saw. Good running game, ok passing game. Sometimes bordering on bad.

* The offensive line is experienced and seems pretty good. Four seniors and a sophmore center who started as a freshman.

* The defense doesn't look very good. They have guys that look the part, but didn't seem to get it done on the field. They didn't have a sack against Kentucky.

Here's the links and you can watch for yourselves:

Louisville vs Kentucky - ESPN3.com

Louisville vs Eastern Kentucky - ESPN3.com

Can't wait for the game this weekend!

Go Beavs!

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