Sunday, September 19, 2010

Louisville Post-game Thoughts

A win is a win. 

Being 0-2 going to Boise St. would be a disaster.  I'm disappointed that 35-14 didn't turn into 52-21 or something, but oh well.  Louisville may turn out to be OK.  Maybe even threaten a bowl game.

I think the reason most people aren't happy with it is because of what Oregon is doing and to a lesser extent, Stanford.  They are running up scores and appear to be in mid-season form.  And we want to see that from our team.  Well, you don't get it both ways.  If you want OSU to schedule tough in the preseason, then don't expect massive blowouts. 

Quick Hits and Silver Lining:

* The Beavers are going to lead the nation in lost helmets.  They are on pace for an all time NCAA record.  Keith Pankey is clearly the leader on the team in this category and could single-handedly shatter the record by game 5.

* Lots of new players on D.  I'm totally lost on who is in on tackles until the turn their back to the camera/jumbotron.

* Zero offensive turnovers in the first two games.  That's new for early in the season with a new QB.

* The defense is forcing turnovers.  That's important if they're going to give up yards.

* The offense finally realized that the path to greatness goes through Jaquizz Rodgers.  Run the ball on first down more please.

* Field position is really important.  Our offense started in our own end-zone three times and really struggled there.  They seemed to always start at the 40.

Anyways, on to Boise St.  Hopefully we can shock the world.  Gameday will be there and the game will be on ABC!

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