Thursday, September 30, 2010

Anyone Else Worried About The Beavers?

I understand we have played a pretty tough schedule to date so our numbers aren't going to look as good as most teams early in the season.  But I'm worried about the Beavs. 

Things that make me concerned:

* The defense (458 yds/gm - 2 sacks - 59% 3rd down conversion rate)

* Only 483 yards passing (161 yds/gm)

* No receiver really stepping up (none over 40 yds/game or more than 3 catches/game)

* Zero 4th quarter points in 3 games

Silver Lining:

* Katz isn't turning the ball over

* We still can use the wildcat (wild beaver) and seem to be OK on the ground

* Our special teams play is saving our butts

* We've been here before

Big game this week people.  The last three years we win this game.  This may go a long way to defining the season.

Come on Beavs!  We need this one!


ibleedorange said...

That is a question that should wait until after ASU.

Critiquing our numbers at this point is comparible to oogling over Oregon's numbers that they put up against teams that would struggle against my High School team.

Jason said...

I agree about waiting until after the ASU game. And agree on the Oregon comment. :) ASU is a team that held it's own so far...if OSU can beat them, it will - in my mind - definitely put them in the top half of the league with SC, Zona, UO, and Stanford. I expect them to win, whether James plays or not.

Jason said...

Oh, I'm not making any judgments yet. I agree that the outcome of this game will go a long way to forming my expectations for this season will be. Its a game they clearly must win.

If the defense steps up and the passing game gets going, then watch out league. If we look like we did vs. BSU and TCU and lose by 10... then I will be more worried.

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