Monday, October 09, 2006

Defense plays better. Now the offense is really under the heat.

Congrats to Mark Banker, Sabby Piscitelli, Joe Lemma, and the rest of the Beaver D who brought it all game and really gave the team the opportunity to win. Special teams were pretty good again and I felt that maybe Sammy Stroughter would pull out a Reggie Bush like performance and win the game on a punt return. The offense on the other hand, wasn't great. Just punchless. I really felt like that game would have been a great time to inject a Canfield or Polk just to see what happens.

I'm going to the UW game. I'm hoping this will be the turnaround game like a few years ago. If the defense can stay improved then the O can't help but get more confident.

That game felt like Stanford or Arizona from last year. A game we should have won, but found a way to lose.


OBF said...

Benard actually had a good game (except for the fumble), Riely is just too dumb of an offensive play caller:

Y. Bernard 17 91 5.4

Thats carries, yards and yards/carry, seriously, you have a top-ten in the nation running back in a close game and you only run him 17 times?!?!?!?! It is almost like Riley WANTS to be fired!

Jason Prothero said...

6 points. That's what I was referring to. While watching the game I didn't get the feeling our running game was doing that great. We have some good runs towards the end of the game, but were stopped in the red zone. Couldn't exactly count on the running game if we needed 5 yards, could we?

Whatever it is, they need to improve and get into the end zone.

All I know is that a post like this starts to sound like Riley can't do anything right in the eyes of many fans. All I've heard is about the passing game the last few weeks (not throwing down field, to Newton too much (or too little), QB locking on recievers, Recievers not good/fast enough) and now it's that we're not running enough? Whatever.

Just root for the kids and hope for the best. I honestly think that Beaver Nation is making the situation worse and frankly is imploding. We may be a bad team, but the opinions about the coach/qb/defense are wearing on me.

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