Tuesday, September 13, 2011

New OSU Track Construction Starting Soon

Looks like the OSU Track project is going to start construction soon.  There is a large area fenced off and a sign up in the IM fields behind the Soccer / Softball fields.

Take a look at a panorama pic I took with my phone (click for a larger view):

And a close up of the project sign:

Your donations at work!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Civil War Week. Its Time To Rally Around The Team Beaver Believers!

OK Beaver Fans, the team needs you more than ever. You brought it for the USC game. There's nothing left but the biggest game every year:

The Civil War

The past is the past. Shake it off.

Time to rally around the team, players, coaches, and get rowdy for this game!

Despite the ups and downs, you gotta love these guys.  Maybe this will give you one more reason.  One of my Twitter/FB friends got a message from a Beaver player saying how much they appreciate the unconditional support they get from many fans:

"Want to know one of the reasons I love my Beavs even after yesterday? Well, I "tweet" alot during the games and late last night a starting player took the time to Direct Message me that he appreciates the support of real fans! He probably wanted to crawl in a hole but he took the time to reach out to the fans. That is... why I am a Life Long Beav!!"

Get pumped Beaver Nation and support your Beavs!



Saturday, November 20, 2010

The Beavers Drivers to Success

From watching the Mike Riley-coached teams the last few years there are a few things that seem to be predictors of how the teams will do from season to season.

1. Experience or poise at QB

2. Cornerbacks

3. Offensive line

Generally if the Beavs have one of these three things very strong, then they will be a bowl team. If they have two, then they're pretty good. Three and they will have a shot at the Rose Bowl.

This means that every 2-3 years we will be a work in progress at QB. So those will likely be down years.

When Canfield and Moevao we being broken in we were lucky because the defense was great and the running game had a wrinkle that couldn't be stopped called the Fly Sweep. 2 of 3 and we were pretty good.

The last two years the CBs have been experienced, we had two poised QBs, and the running game was strong. Rose Bowl shot.

This season? We may have 0 of 3.

The good news? Next year I think we will have 2 of 3. Katz will be experienced and better and I think the O-line will be a priority and be much better. The only question for me is how fast they can re-make the defense.


Monday, November 15, 2010

Where are all my #BeaverBelievers at?

Yes, the season has been tough. Yes, the schedule is brutal the rest of the way. And yes, the team is probably in the dumps as much as you were this weekend.

Now is the time for Beaver Nation to be adults and support these kids (yes, they are just kids)! We need to pick them up and let them know we are behind them 100% no matter what happens.

I want to see your support for the team in the comments and through the #BeaverBeliever hash tag on Twitter.

Come on Beaver fans, let's pick this team up and let them know we're behind them the rest of the way!


Saturday, October 30, 2010

Huge Game This Week!

Every week is a huge game in the Pac-10, but this game against Cal is extra big. Win and we setup nicely for a decent stretch run. Lose, and it gets dicey.

Looks like I'm going to miss this one to be up in Seattle and welcome my new niece into the world so I need every to be loud!

Go Beavs!

Oregon State Beavers Halloween Pumpkins!

I reposted the Beavers Pumpkin stencil for halloween with a new High-res version thanks to my buddy Loyan and got some great response!

Send me a photo of your pumpkin and I'll post it here.  Go Beavs!


Owly Images



Owly Images


My original pumpkin:


Altternative Beavers Pumpkins:

Jay A. Ehrlich II

Old School Benny Stencil via @mlhdesigner:

Add a link to yours to the comments and I'll add them to the list!!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Beavers Season Still In Doubt

Ahhh, the season that could have been.  And technically, still could be.

After a gut check loss to Washington last Saturday, the Beavs have a string of must win games to ensure another trip to a bowl game. 

Here's the season schedule for the remainder of the season:

Oct. 30th - Cal
Nov. 6th - at UCLA
Nov. 13th - WSU
Nov. 20th - USC
Nov. 27th - at Stanford
Dec 4th - Oregon

At 3-3 and 2-1 in the PAC-10, and with the rest of the schedule back-loaded against the toughest teams, the Beavers have to beat Cal, UCLA, and WSU.  And after last weekend, that may not be the easiest of tasks.

I say "Oh, the season that could have been" because if we beat UW, then we have a good shot at being undefeated in the Pac-10 going to Stanford on the 27th.  And even if we lost that game, we would still have a shot at the Rose Bowl again if we could upset Oregon.  Now, its a tough road to the Rose Bowl this season. 

On the other hand, if we use the UW game as a learning tool and improve over the next month, its still possible to only have one loss going into Stanford.  Huge, tough game but clearly it won't have been the first and we wouldn't be scared or overmatched.  Its a game the Beavs could win. 

What I'm saying is, while I'm disappointed that we didn't pull that win out all is not lost for this season.

Go Beavs

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Anyone Else Worried About The Beavers?

I understand we have played a pretty tough schedule to date so our numbers aren't going to look as good as most teams early in the season.  But I'm worried about the Beavs. 

Things that make me concerned:

* The defense (458 yds/gm - 2 sacks - 59% 3rd down conversion rate)

* Only 483 yards passing (161 yds/gm)

* No receiver really stepping up (none over 40 yds/game or more than 3 catches/game)

* Zero 4th quarter points in 3 games

Silver Lining:

* Katz isn't turning the ball over

* We still can use the wildcat (wild beaver) and seem to be OK on the ground

* Our special teams play is saving our butts

* We've been here before

Big game this week people.  The last three years we win this game.  This may go a long way to defining the season.

Come on Beavs!  We need this one!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Blue Turf Installed on the Oregon State Beavers Practice Field

After seeing the photos and video of the OSU practice field being painted blue I had to go check it out for myself. Turns out I wasn't the only one who was curious.

The cheerleaders needed to check out if it affected their game:

Blue Turf at OSU

Blue Turf at OSU

Blue Turf at OSU

Some random people played a little catch:

Blue Turf at OSU

Blue Turf at OSU

It felt a little like being on water.

Overall, I'm happy they did it and I say do whatever it takes. Its a huge game and we should treat it as such. Shock the world Beavers!

Go Beavs!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Louisville Post-game Thoughts

A win is a win. 

Being 0-2 going to Boise St. would be a disaster.  I'm disappointed that 35-14 didn't turn into 52-21 or something, but oh well.  Louisville may turn out to be OK.  Maybe even threaten a bowl game.

I think the reason most people aren't happy with it is because of what Oregon is doing and to a lesser extent, Stanford.  They are running up scores and appear to be in mid-season form.  And we want to see that from our team.  Well, you don't get it both ways.  If you want OSU to schedule tough in the preseason, then don't expect massive blowouts. 

Quick Hits and Silver Lining:

* The Beavers are going to lead the nation in lost helmets.  They are on pace for an all time NCAA record.  Keith Pankey is clearly the leader on the team in this category and could single-handedly shatter the record by game 5.

* Lots of new players on D.  I'm totally lost on who is in on tackles until the turn their back to the camera/jumbotron.

* Zero offensive turnovers in the first two games.  That's new for early in the season with a new QB.

* The defense is forcing turnovers.  That's important if they're going to give up yards.

* The offense finally realized that the path to greatness goes through Jaquizz Rodgers.  Run the ball on first down more please.

* Field position is really important.  Our offense started in our own end-zone three times and really struggled there.  They seemed to always start at the 40.

Anyways, on to Boise St.  Hopefully we can shock the world.  Gameday will be there and the game will be on ABC!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Oregon State Beavers Gameday Experience - Parking and Tailgating

When you come to an OSU Beavers football game, where do you park? Where do you tailgate? I'll offer up some of my thoughts, and I'd like Beaver Nation to chime in and let me know your favorite spots. This post is the first in a series that I'll post on the game day experience and how to make it awesome even if you're a first timer.

Official OSU Gameday Central


There are quite a few places to park and it can get pretty overwhelming.  Here are a few I've tried or know of.  Please leave a comment if you have thoughts or additions.

* Oregon State University Campus

Many of Oregon State's lots are reserved for BASF donor parking. However, there are a few lots that you can get in off Monroe Ave. that are $10 to park (not too far to walk). The lots closer to Reser Stadium bump up to $20 a spot.

OSU has put together a nice parking map showing lots color coded by price and location on campus:

OSU Parking Map - PDF
Not sure how the tailgating is on all those locations, but if you get there early enough, many lots have alleys or grassy areas to set up.  If you're not big on tailgating and don't mind a bit of a walk, Monroe Ave. has tons of great restaurants and a little shopping to hang out before and after the game.

There are other places that you can park that are very close or have shuttle access.

* Downtown

Parking downtown is convenient and there is a shuttle to Reser Stadium to take you to and from the game.  There are tons or great food, shopping, and kids play options downtown.  However, there isn't any tailgating.  Another downside is the buses tend to get caught in traffic going downtown after the game, so don't expect a speedy exit.

* Avery Park

Avery park is just across Highway 20/34 from campus.  Its a really quick walk to the stadium and has tons of grassy areas and great tailgating spots.  Its usually about $10 to park and would be great for a big group.  Its not really close to much in the way of restaurants or shopping, but there are a few really great kids play areas and playgrounds and a rose garden to enjoy.  Getting out after the game is actually not too bad as well.  If you're going home to Eugene this would be ideal if you need to get home after a game semi-quickly.

* Benton County Fairgrounds

The Benton County Fairgrounds has a HUGE parking lot with room for RVs and plenty of cars.  So this would also be great for a big group.  There is a shuttle to and from Reser Stadium.  There isn't really any food/shopping within walking distance (a mini-mart), but it would be great for tailgating.  I've never parked here so I'm not sure about traffic, getting out, etc.

* Private Lots

I don't have any secret lots, but I know business owners and home owners all around campus tend to have parking available for a price.  If anyone has some good spots, let me know and I'll list them here.  I'd like this to be a growing document.


The first option is to just setup next to your car/RV and go for it.  I've seen some pretty amazing setups around campus.  Satellite TV, massive BBQ, and countless games like washers, ladder toss, beer pong, and more.  If you've never really tailgated, then find a friend who has done it for a while and invites a few people and enjoy.

If you aren't into tailgating or just want to experience Corvallis or the game day festivities, here are some other options:

* Fan Fest

Fan Fest sets up 3 hours prior to kickoff and is a fun time for the kids.  There around a bunch of bounce house type structures and sports games.  There's also a fan shop and the pregame show going out there.  Definitely worth checking out if you have kids.

* Beaver Walk

From the official site:
Approximately 2 hours before each home game, the entire team and coaching staff will walk through the Fan Fair, accompanied by the band, cheerleaders, and Benny. Keep the tradition alive!
* OSU Alumni Center

The Alumni center is a good place to eat and drink beer before the game.  its right across the street from Reser Stadium and has decent food options (not just burgers) and usually a good beer on tap (microbrew). It costs $5/person to go inside, but the outdoor eating area on the south side is free.

* Restaurants

I'll admit I haven't done much of this in Corvallis so I'm not sure where the hot spots are pre-game. I generally tailgate or go to the Alumni Center for pre-game.  However, as a local I would recommend trying these places:

Monroe Avenue:

Clodfelter's - Burger joint with good beer, TVs, and has been around forever.  Good local place.

McMenamins - If you live in the Pacific NW you know about MeMenamins.  Cool decor and games.  Decent beer and food.


Block 15 - Great new brewpub in town.  Great beer and food.  A bit small, so stake your claim early.

Flat Tail Brewery - Great Beavers decor.  Lots of flatscreen TVs.  Good beer.  Great fries.  On the waterfront. 

University Hero - An awesome local Beaver themed sandwich shop.  They server beer and have TVs too!

Any other spots you like?  I plan on doing a guide just for food, so look for that coming up.

Go Beavs!

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